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     No event in 2018. Please see statement on Home page

Press / Media Access
to Jim Clark Rally

If you would like to attend the event, either as a photographer, broadcaster or in another media role, please contact:
Please note that you will not be permitted to sign-on unless you have applied to the event in advance. The event reserves the right to refuse any application.
Under the new MSA Rally Media Regulation scheme, the event is only permitted to sign-on photographers / broadcasters who hold Level 2 MSA accreditation and who fulfil the requirement to pre-agree their location(s) with the event organisers in advance and submit a Risk Assessment.
Unaccredited photographers / broadcasters will not be signed-on under any circumstances and will not be permitted to stand in any location where ordinary spectators do not have authorised access.
The event organisers do not intend to sign-on any media who do not hold at least Level 1 MSA accreditation, except in exceptional circumstances – for example, an unaccredited press officer for a participating championship. Please email the event at the address given above.

If you are not currently accredited but may be interested in becoming so, please visit the MSA website where you will find further information on the MSA Rally Media Regulation scheme and an application form:

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