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Mobile 07824 471305 (Frances Renton)

However, please no contact after 9pm.

Local Engagement

Event volunteers have been working closely with Scottish Borders Council and the emergency services to ensure this year's event is a success, and that we minimise disruption for local residents and businesses as much as possible. Everyone is aware that some inconvenience is inevitable, for which we apologise, but significant consultation has been ongoing over recent months to help minimise problems:

SBC's approval process for the event is underway and will be considering the safety, community effect and economic impact. Our main aim for the event is to keep spectators, residents and competitors safe. The Emergency services will be involved with the event on the day to ensure everyone is safe, and the event could only continue with their ongoing support.

Local businesses along the route will be contacted and the event discussed with the owners. We will work with affected businesses to assist them to promote their business to the public.

Homes on the route will be sent updates detailing the timing of the closures, we ask residents to please keep hold of this information for reference.  Details are available on our website.

The event organisers will continue to inform residents and business owners about the closures and are happy to answer any specific enquiries which may arise.


Why will roads be closed?

The roads that form the Rally stages are formally closed by a “road closure order” for a seven hour period.  This means that it is an offence to be on the road between the road closure start and finish times.

If coming to spectate please give yourself plenty of time to find a location and park safely.  Parking in lay-bys is strictly forbidden and vehicles parked too near the road could jeopardise the running of the stage and may be removed.

Rigorous event planning is conducted through Scottish Borders Council’s Safety Advisory Group, which includes Police Scotland and the other emergency services.

We appreciate that this event can cause inconvenience to local communities and for this we apologise. We have consulted with local communities and members of the public who are affected by the road closures. We have worked hard with council staff to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum whilst ensuring the safety of everyone involved – event participants, local residents, and event staff.

Can I walk on the road?

Once the road is closed it is an offence to walk on the closed road, including verges.  After the road is closed it is still possible to walk to spectator locations if an alternative route is possible, for a limited time.

Please remember that in the hour before the first competitor is live on the stage a number of safety cars, including the Spectator Safety vehicle and the MSUK Safety Delegate will come through the stage to check it is ready.  Be aware that if you or others are in an unsafe position or continuing to ignore the marshals’ instructions, the Safety Delegate has the authority to delay the stage or cancel it.  Nobody wants this to happen so please co-operate with marshals and officials.

Once a stage is live there should be no pedestrian movement along the route.

After a stage is complete a number of official vehicles including the doctor and rescue crews follow behind the last competitor. This is not a signal that the road is open.  Another vehicle marked “ROAD OPENING” will follow. This signals that you can use the road again..

Are there any exemption passes if I need to get to work that day?

If the road is closed, you will not be able to use a vehicle on it during the closure times.

For these safety reasons, there are no exemption passes available. We realise that this will cause inconvenience for residents and we will work to ensure that any closures are kept to a minimum and would ask that residents work with us and pre-plan their day where at all possible.

I’ve arranged to meet friends that day – now I won’t be able to get there in time – what can I do?

The road closures are for a set period of time. We respectfully ask people to make alternative arrangements for this relatively short period of time – can you shop at another time, re-arrange an appointment or swap your schedules around? We regret any inconvenience, but this event will bring great economic benefit to the area and can be a very positive return to the Borders’ event calendar.

What special access arrangements will be in place?

We are working with the Council to ensure inconvenience is kept to a minimum around the route.

Which roads will be closed to vehicles?

A detailed map of all road closures for 2020 is detailed above. 

If you live on the route you will have been notified over recent months by letter or in person. Roads to be closed will be signposted prior to the event.

How long will roads used for the event be closed?

We have kept all road closures to the minimum necessary to ensure the safety of the event. A detailed timeline of the road closures is available above. The length of closure depends on the location of the road on the event route. The event is working hard with all partners to ensure the roads are only closed for as long as is absolutely necessary.

What access will there be for people living and working in the roads that are closed?

It is a requirement that the event route be completely vehicle-free during the event for the safety of participants. Access restrictions will depend on the location and time that the event passes. We are working with Scottish Borders Council to make sure disruption is minimised along the route and that people living and working on the route are notified well in advance of the event.

Access by car will only be available either before the start of the road closure or after the end of the road closure, no vehicle movements will be permitted during the road closure.

How does the road closure work?

A team will go round the route in advance of the safety vehicles, closing roads and driveways to ensure no vehicles come on to the road, which will be legally closed by a ‘road closure order’.  Any vehicle contravening the order will be causing the most serious risk to the event participants, and breaking the law.

The road is re-opened behind the last safety vehicle running behind all competitors, by a separate “road opening” vehicle.

Myself or my family/neighbours receive at home care from a care provider, will this be affected on the day?

We work alongside care providers to make sure no-one is left without essential care on the day of the event. If you know of a resident who requires carer access or if you yourself need access for a carer please contact Frances Renton on 07824 471305 or, however please no contact after 9pm.

What access will there be for visitors or deliveries to homes and businesses during the closure period?

Any disruption is regrettable but hopefully with prior planning residences and businesses can reduce any inconvenience. We would ask you to not schedule deliveries for the event date and to buy extra of any essentials that are necessary.

I run a business that needs daily deliveries. Will local businesses receive any priority for deliveries to get through road closures?

No vehicles will be let through during the road closures (except emergency services). We ask that you discuss this with your suppliers prior to the event and work to reschedule deliveries.

What allowances will there be for moving livestock within the closed roads?

For the safety of everyone involved we ask that there be no livestock movement during the time the road is closed.  This would offer significant risk to competitors and livestock alike. We ask that you plan ahead and bear in mind the closing times of the road.

What arrangements have been made for emergency service access in to the closed roads?

Emergency access to all properties and residents on route is maintained at all times. In the event of an emergency, dial 999 as usual. Emergency services will be co-ordinated through our Multi Agencies Control Centre. There may be a unit closer to you than usual so response time may be reduced.  

If I have a non-emergency incident that requires a visit to hospital but would not warrant an ambulance, what should I do?

Please refer to the map of road closures and the schedule of times. If the opening time of the road is too late and you can’t wait, we ask you to contact Police Scotland on 101 and inform them of the circumstances. This information will then be directed to the event Muti Agency Control Centre, which includes event organisers and all emergency services. They will then assess the situation and decide on the best course of action.  Ambulances will still be able to have access to the route. This will ensure that both residents and competitors will be kept safe during the road closures.

What if I need urgent medical care?

If you need URGENT medical care when your local practice is closed, you should telephone NHS 24 on 111. You will speak to a Call Handler who will take some details from you and pass your call on to a Nurse Advisor. The Nurse Advisor will make an assessment and recommend a course of action. If required your call will be passed from NHS24 to BECS for either a further assessment, advice or treatment from a local clinician. This information will then be directed to the event Multi Agency Control Centre, which includes event organisers and all the emergency services. They will then assess the situation and decide on the best course of action.

Where are the best places to watch the event?

Spectator information is available to download from our home page and includes details of spectator areas on the stages, along with access details.

Thank you for taking time to read this. We very much regret any inconvenience caused to local people.  A lot of the organisers live locally too, and believe this event can play an important part in the growth of tourism in the Borders.

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Mobile 07824 471305 (Frances Renton)

However, please no contact after 9pm.