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The motorsport event that commemorates the achievements of Jim Clark (1936-1968), a local farmer from Berwickshire, who went on to become one of the foremost motor racing drivers of his era, winning, amongst his many notable motorsport achievements, two Formula One World Championships . For the full story see "About Jim Clark".

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2016 Rally cancellation

Statement from Club Chairman

The Jim Clark Memorial Motor Club executive committee decided to cancel this year’s forest event. Here is the background to that decision.

  • Since 2014 the club’s intention has been and still is to run the JCR closed road event which had become one of the biggest and most successful rallies in the UK.
  • Until the Scottish Crown Office has finished its enquiry, now 2 years old and continuing, into the fatal accident in 2014 involving accredited members of the press, the JCR cannot return to its closed road format.
  • The club is striving to have this situation resolved and has therefore served its statutory notice to government of its intention to run on closed roads in 2017.  This is what the rally world wants us to do and it is right for the development of our sport and the economy.  (The JCR generates about £3.5m income to the Borders each year). We have overwhelming support from the public and the sport for this strategy. To do this we must have cash reserves available.
  • To keep the rally’s name in the public eye and keep our place in the rally calendar, the committee decided to run a forest event in 2015, expecting to be back on closed roads in 2016. Despite sponsorship, the 2015 event made a significant loss and depleted our reserves substantially.
  • Following a similar logic, we planned a 2016 event but it became clear by entries closing date that another substantial loss was going to be incurred, again despite sponsorship, and the decision was made to cancel to preserve our cash and keep the club in existence.
  • We required 85 entries to break-even, after including sponsorship. The minimum of 75 entries stated in our regs represented the number of paid entries required before the loss made the financial situation unsustainable. The 69 entries received, though very much appreciated, simply weren’t enough.
  • Prior to taking any decision on cancellation, the Scottish Rally Championship offered JCMMC a loan of £10,000 repayable in 2017 from reserves if we failed to run on closed roads, thinking this would allow us to run the 2016 event.  SRC was trying to be helpful and this was appreciated but it did not address the problem of depleting reserves and this was explained to the SRC when JCMMC declined the offer.
  • The JCMMC executive committee is fully committed to returning the JCR to closed roads whenever the Crown Office enquiry is complete, whether in 2017 or later and to do so we must preserve our cash fund.  This is the reason for the 2016 cancellation.

We hope the rally world will understand and support our strategy and will unite to help make it happen. Our sport has enough problems outside without internal ill-informed bickering and we urge all to recognise the harsh realities of rallying economics and finding ways of taking the sport forward.

Professor Dan Wright MBE
Jim Clark Memorial Motor Club
26th. May 2016.
Reivers Rally car3
2016 ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship
Leaderboard after 3 rounds (of 7)
1, Garry Pearson (Duns),  84 Points
2, Jock Armstrong (Castle Douglas),  77
3, Dale Robertson (Duns),  75
4, Mark McCulloch (Dumfries),  75
5, Bruce McCombie (Banchory),  73
6, Donnie MacDonald (Culloden),  71
7, Mike Faulkner (Kirtlebridge),  71
8, Andrew Gallacher (Hurlford),  62
9, Barry Groundwater (Stonehaven),  62
10, John Wink (Huntly),  53
Ref: JCRPR16-01
Issued by John Fife
Jim Clark Reivers Rally Press Officer

Last year's Jim Clark Rally  
Reivers 3rd
Reivers winner
Photos right: The 2015 Final Overall awards:
1, Jock Armstrong/Paula Swinscoe (Subaru Impreza)
2, Mike Faulkner/Peter Foy (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9)
3, Peter Taylor/Andrew Roughead (Ford Focus WRC)

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Reivers 2nd
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