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The motorsport event that commemorates the achievements of Jim Clark (1936-1968), a local farmer from Berwickshire, who went on to become one of the foremost motor racing drivers of his era, winning, amongst his many notable motorsport achievements, two Formula One World Championships .

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The organisers of the Jim Clark Memorial Rally are now able to confirm that there will be no event this year (2018). However we have been encouraged by the recent news that positive steps are now underway to introduce the necessary legislation. Despite the lack of detail and timescale, the formal commencement of this process is indeed most welcome.

On that basis, any proposed dates for a rallying re-start would be purely speculative and provide false hope to the hundreds of competitors, the many thousands of fans and the Borderers themselves. The process is now out of our hands and we await news of progress with increased interest.

Until then contingency planning goes ahead with the intention to re-introduce Closed Road rallying to the Scottish Borders.

Over recent months, the organisers have been working very closely and intensively with the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland on the need to change existing legislation and introduce new legislation. They have also maintained good relationships with Scottish Borders Council, the Police, local business groups and agricultural interests, as well as local MPs and MSPs, and have been greatly encouraged by their positive response.

The JCMR organising team will also strive to keep you all informed. However, hopes remain high that we can get back on the road some time next year. If any progress is reported to us we will pass it on to you.

It is said that 'patience is a virtue' and 'good things come to those who wait'. We've been patient for a long time, let's hope the waiting period is shorter.

Here's hoping there are no more hiccups.


June 12th 2018


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